Guess that’s why they call it window pane…

Afternoon Swaggernauts!

The good world of music brought me to the New Music Seminar this week. The New Music Seminar is essentially a collective of music business professionals that are passionate enough to believe that business education is key in making a business out of being a musician. They gather for three days just following the Grammy’s and chop up their varying ideas on “music business” in hopes to keep the fire going inside the 1,200+ inspired, aspiring musicians in the audience. Its an interesting peak into the strifes of how to manage your creativity while deciphering what is natural and what is canned commercialism.

According to the first panel of music leaders – Michael Dornberg from ReverbNation, Jay Frank from CMT, Eric Garland from BigChampagne, Liz Leahy from MySpace – an artist doesn’t need to have any business sense, they simply need to be a magnet for hustlers. It appears to them if you do things with ease, monetizing creativity is simple and can garner legitimate results. Can any Swaggernauts think of any other industry this concept could also be applied to?

Also, interestingly enough, the founders compiled a lists of “Artists on the Verge,” you can find the complete listing here. Theses artists/bands were selected by professionals that truly believe these acts are on the cusp of being recognized as ‘superstar’ talent because they are musically talented, not simply commercially viral — in fact most of them are not too commercially alive at this point, it appears they are still in need of that magnet for hustlers. The most interesting discovery for me on this list was Skylar Grey, an artist whose recent Grammy performance was hidden in the shadows. Just watch Rihanna’s and Eminem’s performance…

… the girl that enters the Grammy collaboration at precisely 3 minutes, is not only a graceful voice awaiting discovery in the shadows of the stage, but she co-wrote “Love the Way You Lie,” with Alex De Kid and is featured in Diddy-Dirty Money’s single “Coming Home,” and in Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor.” And if that wasn’t enough, she is also on Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said.” It seems like this chica is getting quite a lot of support from the industry folks but she is still relatively low on potential fans radar. However, if the NMS is correct, she won’t be for too long. Anyone agree?

To support this songwriter and budding solo artist you can now download “Love The Way You Lie” from the Swag Store for 199SB.

Your Musical Friend,