Happy Birthday to Us…

TSG knows that the big birthday blowout is 13 days away, but who can resist the opportunity to hookup some creative Swaggernauts before then? This year, we’re trying something different: we’re allowing you to send us birthday wishes via video – the more creative and wacky, the better, and you can get 20 Swag Bucks for your submission! Here’s how you submit:

1. Create a happy birthday video.
2. Upload it to YouTube.
3. Email the link to the YouTube video to PrizePhoto(AT)Swagbucks.com with the Subject “Birthday Greeting by (Swag Name) – you can find your Swag Name here – just look at the referral link.

That’s it! A few ground rules as to what is “Valid”:

– Subject line MUST match the what is listed above, so if your Swag Name is TSG, the subject of your email would be:

Birthday Greeting by TSG

– No obscenity, nudity or violence
– It must be a complete video – you cannot submit a video in portions so that you can get multiple hookups.
– Video must be less than 2 minutes in length.

Other than that, let your imagination run wild. You can get only get hooked up once for submitting, so rather than submitting a bunch of videos, just send us one. However – if I select your video to be featured in the blog, I’m going to hook you up with an additional 150 Swag Bucks!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with…