I’ll be there for you

Now that we’ve watched the opening credits to the best show ever created (in my opinion), we can talk about your friends! I’ve noticed that a lot of you have been adding each other and discussing your Swag Name on Facebook, which is awesome. Now I’m going to fill in the rest of you who may not necessarily know how to add friends on Swagbucks.
First of all, what’s the benefit of having friends on Swagbucks? Well, you can see each others Swag Names along with how many Swag Bucks you have. You can also send private messages back and forth to each other. And soon, there will be even more exciting things you can do with your Swag friends.
So how do you get Swag friends? Start from the homepage of Swagbucks.com. On the top right, hover over your Swag Buck amount, and a drop down menu will show up. From here, click on “My Friends”:
Clicking “My Friends” will bring you to the page with the list of your current friends:
To add new friends, click on “Find Friends” at the top right of your friends list:
There are a few ways to find friends. You can import your e-mail address and let Swagbucks find your friends for you. If you choose this option, you will be prompted to connect to one of your e-mail providers or social networks. A contact list will be populated, and from there you can select the users you are interested in connecting with via Swagbucks. If those users are Swaggernauts, you will be able to invite them as your friend:
Another way to add Swag friends is by searching through an e-mail address or Swag Name. If you know a Swaggernaut’s e-mail or Swag Name, you can enter it, hit “Find Your Friends,” and click to add them as your friend:
You can add an unlimited number of friends everyday. However, if you’re searching for friends by Swag Name, you can only look up 3,000 Swag Names a day. If you’re looking up friends through an e-mail address there is no limit.
But what if you don’t know your own Swag Name? Then, people won’t be able to find you! So, to find your Swag Name, start from the Swagbucks homepage again. Hover over your Swag Bucks on the top right, and let the same drop down menu show up. Instead of clicking “My Friends,” click on “Account Details”:
You may be prompted to enter your password, and once your account details show up, the first bit of information is your Swag Name:
Now that you are all experts on Swag Names and Swag Friends, go find your friends! Because, hey, Swagbucks just goes better with friends!
Happy Friending!