In Russia, Tetra Cube Plays YOU!

Greetings Comrades,

Justin from Team Swagbucks here. I’ve been taken off the shelf, given a good dusting, and been all wound-up to let you know about exciting news about Games.

Since introducing SB Games to the public at large, one of the most frequent requests we’ve received is to add a certain title that, how shall I say this, rhymes with “Shmetris”. Well, we didn’t find it exactly, but we did find something that plays just like it and it rhymes with “Shmetra Cube”. I’m referring to “Tetra Cube” and it’s eye-catching graphics and random Soviet theme make it one of the most original, and fun versions of Shmet…oh what the heck, Tetris, I’ve ever played:

We’ve put Tetra Cube up in the Puzzle section of SB Games, so there’s no reason nyet to discover all the exciting Cold War fun. Do it for the Mother Country. Do it for the Swag Bucks.

-Justin OUT!