Introducing The Swagbucks Trivia Challenge on Facebook

Quick trivia question: what is the most rewarding site on the web? Too easy for you? Then try this one: what is the most rewarding application on Facebook? I really hope your answer didn’t have a “ville” at the end of it, because starting today, there’s a new destination on The Facebook for reward-minded individuals like you: The Swagbucks Trivia Challenge!

The Trivia Challenge is an official application which we’ve been working on for quite some time and it’s now finally ready for your enjoyment. The application can be accessed anytime by visiting the following URL: Once you arrive, you’ll be invited to start playing trivia to earn Swag Bucks or (depending on your age) Tokens, which can be redeemed for 3 spins each on the Spin&Win prize wheel. That’s right – at long lost, users will finally be able to press their luck, and earn Bucks through a game of chance.

A brief word about this ‘Game of Chance’, and why some of you may not have the option to play for it:

For years our fans have been asking us to build a lottery-style wheel were users could spin for a chance to earn Swag Bucks. We thought that was a great idea, but it turns out that there are some legal complexities (as there should be!) for offering people slot…er, spinning wheels. When we began building this application, our intention was to allow everyone an opportunity to spin for Bucks, but the good folks at facebook had other ideas. To make a long story short, users under 18 will only be able to play Trivia for a chance to earn Swag Bucks. Users over 18 will have a choice of whether they want to compete for Swag Bucks, or compete for Tokens.

The trivia itself is a 10 question, timed round. Users will have 5 minutes to complete all 10 answers correctly, and to help you arrive at the right answer, we’re including a search box right underneath the questions. Note, this is going to help you maximize your searching Swag Bucks as you play trivia! Answer any question incorrectly, and the round is over. Each user has a total of 5 available rounds per day, and once completed, you must wait till the next day before having another chance to earn. Assuming that you complete all 10 questions correctly, you will either earn Swag Bucks on the spot, or be awarded with your Token. You may then chose whether to keep playing trivia, or to press your luck on the Spin&Win.

Let’s talk for a moment about what you might stand to win from the Trivia Challenge. Folks who play for Swag Bucks will earn between 1 – 10 Swag Bucks per successful round. That number is over and above whatever Swag Bucks you may have won while conducting your searches. People who play the Spin&Win may wind up spinning 3 times and NOT WINNING ANYTHING! However, there is a decent probability that you will not only win Swag Bucks, but you might wind up winning BIG! For the first month that this game is live, we’ll be awarding a lot of 50 and 100 Swag Buck wins. But remember, there is luck at play, so be advised that by choosing to play for Tokens, you are taking a risk.

Regardless of whether you play for Tokens or Swag Bucks directly, whatever you win through the App WILL NOT immediately be added to your Swag Bucks account. Rather, you will need to earn 100 Swag Bucks through the app before you can transfer those bucks into a an account on, and start to spend them.
IMAGE: (Trivia Challenge Transfer)
The good news is that you should have no problem getting to 100 Swag Bucks within a few short days of game play. And since the Spin&Win is going to be paying out 100 Swag Bucks, you may be fortunate enough to earn, and transfer your 100 SBs, all in one round of play! Remember, you can earn matching Swag Bucks today on any of your referrals activity. Why not invite some folks who are new to Swagbucks to discover our Trivia Challenge? If they earn 100 Bucks and make the transfer today, you’ll earn a full match!

Other features to look out for on the application include the Prizes tab, where we’ll be showing off some of the hottest items available in the Swag Store. Be sure to tell your friends that are new to Swagbucks to check out all these great items which they can redeem free of charge with Swag Bucks!

There is also a Special Offers tab that people who are playing for Tokens can use to add more spins to their account.

Now please bear in mind that this app is brand new, and there will be problems with it. We don’t claim that it’s perfect, and we hope that you’ll submit your constructive feedback so we can continue to improve it and make it a great tool for all Swaggernauts. One last point: for years Swag Bucks trivia has been taking place once a week, and run primarily through our Twitter account. There will be no change in our weekly Thursday trivia. But for all of you trivia and Swag Bucks junkies out there, this is one more rewarding way for you to engage and earn. We hope you love it as much as we do!

-Team Swagbucks