Introducing… Tasks!

TSG is exciting to announce a new way for Swaggernauts to earn – Swagbucks Tasks! Brought to you through a partnership with Crowdflower, Tasks allow you to do research and answer questions while earning Swag Bucks. The list is constantly updated, and you can complete the same task multiple times as long as it’s still listed on the main Tasks page.

When you go to the Tasks page, you will see a list of available tasks with a brief description of what they want you to do, and how many Swag Bucks you’ll earn from doing it:

Clicking a task takes you to that task, where you’ll start in Training Mode. Training Mode is designed to get you comfortable with the job you’ll be doing, and ensure that you’re able to do it accurately. Accuracy is EXTREMELY important to these companies, and they’ll often tell you the accuracy level you’ll need to maintain in order to complete a Task and get credit:

Once you complete the Training Mode, you’re off to the races. Keep in mind – different Tasks take different amounts of time – some you’ll be able to do quickly, some will take longer. If you’re not interested in a particular Task, don’t do it, and if you ever have problems, click the blue “Help” button – it’ll send your issue to the Task Provider’s support. If you’re in the middle of a Task and for whatever reason you don’t want to complete it, hit the blue “Give Up” button and you’ll be returned to the Tasks list. For a full list of information about Tasks, check out the Tasks FAQ.

Tasks generally credit within 15 minutes, but can take up to 72 hours, so don’t be alarmed if you aren’t credited right away.

Now go out there and earn some Swag Bucks for the Gipper!