Monica Talks Support

My name is Monica and I work directly with the Customer Service department here at Swagbucks. I wanted to take a minute to reach out to you guys and gals and help alleviate some of your concerns regarding our Customer Service process. First and most importantly, we are here to help you in any way we can. Saying that, please remember we are only human and sometimes there may be issues we have to escalate. This does result in a slower turn-around time.

We do respond to every case that comes into our department. If you did not receive a response from us it is likely it went to your spam folder or the case was not processed correctly. Feel free to write in after 5 business days has passed and give us the case number. We will look into it for you and help resolve the case at that point. Please remember, the turnaround time for your case is 3-5 business days. Generally, we do respond within 48 hours.

Here are a few pointers when writing into us.:

– We recently implemented a Case Number field on the contact form. If you have written to us before reference this in your email to us. This is the most valuable information you can provide when writing in for a second time.

– When sending us an email, be as specific as possible. “It won’t work!” or “It did not credit!” will not help us resolve your issue in a timely manner. This forces us to ask more questions and results in several back and forth communication.

– If you are emailing in regarding an email change and contact us from your account. The email is sent from the email address associated with your Swag Bucks account. We are going to respond to that email. This may be why you are not getting a response from us. Simply log out of your account and go to the contact form and email us from the new email address.

– The ‘Type’ field is the most important part of your email to us. If you choose ‘Special Offer’ for an email change, it is likely your response time will be longer. This forces us to escalate your case which causes delay.

It is our goal to offer the most efficient and timely customer service possible. If you feel that your case is not being resolved correctly let us know. Ask for another set of eyes on your case. Most likely, you will get me at that point.

We have complete faith in our Customer Service team and hope you do as well. Let’s work together to make this a better experience for all involved.

Team Swag Bucks