New Game Rules

Hey guys!

You should all know by now that we are very big on keeping Swagbucks fair for everyone. To incorporate this theme into Swagbucks Games, we are now implementing a cap on tournament wins. Starting today, you can only win 5 tournaments within a calendar month. The reason for this is because we’ve noticed that a select few of you were winning over and over again, and we would like to give everyone a fair shot at winning tournaments.
For those of you who have already won your 5 tournaments this month, you’ll be able to win again starting Tuesday, March 1st. If you’re a Swaggernaut who tends to win frequently, don’t worry! We are also going to be introducing a tournament of champions to keep your opportunities of winning fair, as well.
This new program does not affect free play. You will still have the same ability to win Swag Bucks by playing in free play mode.
Keep Gaming!