Poll Round-Up – Week of 1/31

It’s Monday morning – time for our weekly poll round-up!
It’s almost tax season, and it seems that a lot of you have different methods when it comes to filing your federal tax documents. I personally use TurboTax to file mine, and I pretty much dread it every year.
It looks like a lot of our Swaggernauts need to start trying some of the tips mentioned in our sleep video series. According to the Daily Poll, 33% of you toss and turn at night, and don’t sleep well. Have you try spritzing some lavender on your pillows?
You guys seem to be pretty traditional when it comes to the etiquette of first dates. 49% of you voted that the woman should assume that the man will pay the check, but still be prepared to go with the flow. I would have to agree with the Swag Nation on this one. I do think it’s appropriate for the gentleman to pick up the tab on a first date, but I would always offer to pay as a nice gesture.
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