Poll Round-Up – Week of 2/7

Time for our weekly poll round-up. The time of the week where I get to learn your deepest, darkest secrets. OK, maybe not your deepest, darkest, but I definitely get to know some interesting facts about you!
Well, I’m happy to know that we have clean Swaggernauts! 43% of you said you wash your hair every day or night. I’m a night hair-washing gal, myself.
You guys definitely stick to your trend of wanting to save money at all costs (no pun intended). 41% of you admit that you frequently sneak food into events you are attending. I gotta admit, I am guilty of this, too. The prices at those stadiums are always outrageous!
I’m so proud of my loyal Swaggernauts. The majority of you said that Swagbucks is the first website you go to when you turn on your computer. Not a bad choice, not a bad choice at all!
Unlike me, it looks like you guys were more interested in the actual Super Bowl than the commercials. I guess that’s the point of the Super Bowl, but I always find myself watching it for the commercials. Well, 36% of you said you didn’t watch or didn’t have an opinion on the Super Bowl commercials this year.
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