Press Play on Love

Hello Swaggernauts!

Whether you are going out for dinner this Valentine’s, staying in, or just hanging with friends, it’s always nice to set the mood with some classic love songs. Generally, we go for traditional songs from Al Green, Frank Sinatra and other famous iconic singers from the past. However, it’s always nice when we can swoon our ears with something as refreshing as the face we are staring at. So to compliment the lovers holiday this year, I’ve come up with a list of songs to compliment a variety of evenings.

“Shiny & New” — Mayor Hawthorne
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This album was finished up in Mayor Hawthorne’s bedroom… nuff said.

“Sweet Sacrifice” — Jason Libeman
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Jason Libeman is a New York sweetheart that has barely been heard by his neighbors let alone the world. However, his music is easy on the ears, honest, and on par with any other romantic rockstar you’ve heard. A dynamic lyricist and minimalist by trade, you won’t want those three minutes back.

“Jack” – La Santa Cecilia
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This is for my dreamy Latin lovers. This group’s smooth, Caribbean vibe is sure to seduce even the roughest of souls, and their track “Jack,” will do just the trick on Feb 14, 2011 if you let it. La Santa Cecilia are from the barrios of Los Angeles and have a strong commitment to spreading love, so support their efforts!

“Healing Hands” — Citizen Cope
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Wanna let your lover know that their touch is all you need? Then this is just the track you need to swoon the focus of the conversation to that. Let Clarence Greenwood do the talking for you this time around — he might even be better at it.

“Need You” — Travie McCoy
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This song is for the truly hopeless in romance types. Just to remind you how great it is that you are letting that special someone get a little closer to you this year and that they are sharing that same experience with you. Be understanding with the ones you love, but don’t be afraid — just do it!

“Window Seat” — Erykah Badu
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This song is smooth and full of that bluesy vibe that not only dims the candlelight, kicking off that romantic sensation, but the video associated with this song was fairly controversial. Could be a great song to strike up a little convo about, as well?

Cooler Than Me — Mike Posner
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This is for the guys. My male, 23 year old roommate listened to this song over 200 times in my iTunes, and in less than two months (that’s not counting in his car or on his own computer). Shocking yet true. Maybe it’s not exactly romantic, but if your man is anything like my flat mate, he secretly listened to this song on repeat for a few hours a day. Let him know you were paying attention and throw this in the playlist.

All of these tracks are available in Swag Store and through iTunes. When you make music purchases using Amazon or iTunes you earn 2SB for every $1 spent. Enjoy your valentine and make sure you have a great playlist to set the mood!

Live in Love,