Stimulate your mind

So earlier today, I explained some ways to exercise your brain through a blog post. I am following up with one of my favorite ways to exercise my brain!

Have any of you heard of the website called I’m slightly addicted to – okay, not slightly. Sporcle is a website that provides thousands of fun quizzes to stimulate your mind. They add new quizzes every single day. They have games in a variety of categories: geography, entertainment, science, history, literature, sports, language, just for fun, religion, movies, television, music, gaming, miscellaneous, and holiday. I’m warning you now – once you start sporcling, you will become addicted!
My favorite Sporcle quizzes are the word scrambles, geography games, and FRIENDS trivia. You guys should go check it out and start boggling your brain!
For those of you that have played Sporcle, what’s your favorite quiz?
Happy Sporcling!