Swagbucks: Lookin’ Good…

Hey Swaggernauts – TSG wanted to let you know about a few changes to SB.com’s appearance that’ll make it a cleaner, neater navigating experience for all of you. These changes should go into effect in the next day and a half, and I’ll be sure to walk you through everything when it goes live.

First of all, when you’re logged out, SB.com will look like this to some of you (it’s still in testing):

To log in, just click the “Login” button and you’ll be taken to the SB.com homepage, which has a few small modifications:

1. It’s wider – The homepage should feel a bit less crowded.

2. Collapse those Quick Links – You’ll now be able to hit a button at to hide some of the Quick Links on the lefthand side of the screen. Miss those buttons and want to see them again? Click the same button to expand them again!

3. The Hourly Winner Has Moved (and Grown!) – The Hourly Random Winner will be a large box at the bottom of the page, which you’ll want to check on frequently, as the prize has grown from 100 Swag Bucks to 1000 Swag Bucks! Not a bad haul…

We think these changes will make your browsing experience with us even easier on the eyes (and the mouse). Hope you enjoy them!