Tis A Gift

Since you’re getting matching Swag Bucks on 28th on EVERYTHING (up to 1000 Swag Bucks) the referrals you get through this Monday, we’d thought we’d offer you yet another earning opportunity that’ll give you the ability to get even more referrals. It’s called The Gift App, and it’s similar to vSwag in that a features a variety of cool and fun animations – with one HUGE exception – you post these virtual gifts on your friend’s walls, meaning you can include your referral link! Starting today and ending Friday, March 4th at Noon PST, the Cupcake gift will also include the BirthdayFun code, which can be used during the Swagbucks registration process, meaning your referrals can start with 55 Swag Bucks instead of the customary 30. Finally, just for sending the limited time Cupcake you’ll get 10 Swag Bucks! You only get the 10 Swag Bucks once, but you can (and should) send the gift to anyone you think might be interested in Swagbucks! Again be sure to include your referral link – while the BirthdayFun code is automatically added, your referral link is not – you have to add that manually. Find your referral link here.

To take advantage of this offer, check your Swagbucks Inbox for a message from us – click the link in that message and you’ll link your SB account with the Gift App. Give it the necessary permissions and you’re all set to send the limited time Cupcake gift to as many of your friends as you want:

The 10 Swag Bucks will be credited on Monday, March 7th.

Happy Gifting!