Train your Brain

Many of us have exercise routines to keep us in shape. Maybe it’s going to the gym, taking a walk, doing crunches at home, swimming, etc. But have you thought about exercising your brain? The best way to stay sharp is to work your brain. I found a great article from discussing ways to keep your brain in shape. Try them out!

Snack on almonds and blueberries instead of a candy bar
-Healthy snacks lower blood sugar and improve cognition. “In this case, the omega-3s in the almonds and the antioxidants in the blueberries can keep your brain functioning correctly.”

Leave your comfort zone
-“Brain teasers don’t form new neural connections once you’ve mastered them. So try something that’s opposite your natural skills: If you like numbers, learn to draw. If you love language, try logic puzzles.”
Keep a calendar in every room
-By checking the calendar you are keeping your mind focused. It can also create a mental picture of the day in your head.
Sip red wine
-Women should drink up to 2 glasses weekly, men up to 3 glasses. This “delivers the powerful antioxidant resveratrol, which may prevent free radicals from damaging brain cells.”
Turn up the tunes
-Spend time listening to music. “Music can lower stress hormones that inhibit memory and increase feelings of well-being that improve focus.”
Curry up
-“Eat curry once a week, or sprinkle it on salads, to protect brain cells from harmful free radicals.”
Redesign and redecorate your environment
-Making changes to your surroundings can alter motor pathways in the brain and encourage new cell growth.
Learn a language
-Picking up a new language enhances the verbal, language, and memory parts of the brain.
Decrease salt intake
-Limiting the salt in your diet can improve blood flow to the brain and decrease dementia.
Shake it out
-“Gentle bouncing of your knees and shaking out of your limbs reduces the brain-sapping stress hormone cortisol, research shows. It also triggers relaxation and alertness that keeps your brain sharp.”
To see all the ways to keep your brain sharp as a tack, click here.
Happy Exercising!
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