Week in Review 2/12

Happy Saturday!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. I’m really trying to take advantage of this weekend by getting most of my chores done – cleaning my house, grocery shopping, bathing the dog, etc.
Let’s reflect back on another successful week here at Swagbucks.
On Monday we announced the champs of the Super Bowl XLV: The Green Bay Packers! Although it was a victory for Green Bay, Swag Nation, along with Live4Snow (the only user who was still in the running for 100SB) had predicted that the Pittsburgh Steelers would win. Better luck next year!
On Tuesday we announced that everything, again that’s EVERYTHING in the Hot Deals section of the Swag Store is currently AT LEAST 25% off! Nothing in the entire section is over 349 Swag Bucks! Take advantage of this, because it is a limited time offer!
On Wednesday we reminded you of some exciting features we have for Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t yet done so, you can enter in the Swagstakes to be my or TSG’s valentine! Each basket is filled with thoughtful gifts, personally picked out by TSG and I. You have until Monday to enter for as little as 3 Swag Bucks! We also have a love song section of the Swag Store, where you can download some of the most romantic love songs that have been selected by Team Swagbucks and Swaggernauts both.
On Thursday, Monica from Customer Support wrote a blog to help alleviate some of your worries. She clearly and carefully explained how to go about contacting customer support, and what steps you should take once you’ve sent in your first concern. Click here to view the post.
Yesterday I announced that after a successful and fun run, SBTV Trivia is going on hiatus. We would hate to bombard and overload you with trivia. We hope you’ve enjoyed this feature of Swagbucks, and just because trivia is over it doesn’t mean that you have to stop watching SBTV videos!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! I look forward to hanging with you guys on the most romantic day of the year!
Happy Swaggin’!