We’ll Just Tawk. No Big Whoop!

As part of our Birthday Celebration, we’ve been advising that you go ahead an add Swag friends to your account in anticipation of a new product, which some of you have already correctly guessed, and I’m just too excited to keep it under wraps any more – Introducing Swag Friends Chat!

Starting Monday, everyone will have that blue chat bar at the bottom of their browser while on Swagbucks. It has a bunch of cool features we’ll talk about in more detail on Monday, but the reason for adding friends on Swagbucks is that you can now chat with them when you’re both logged in! The chat icon is shown below with the speech bubble:

You can toggle your status from Online to Invisible for when you’re not in a talkative mood, and you can have multiple chats going at once – if you’ve got another window or tab open it even makes a noise to alert you when someone’s IMing you! As you can see, I’ve been testing it with TSGal and Team Swagbucks. Now you can browse the Swag Store together, talk about games while you’re playing them and share searching wins with one another.

If you already have friends, you’ll have access to the new chat bar on Sunday while it’s still in private beta. On Monday, we move into public beta, meaning that everyone will have the chat bar, just no ability to chat until they add friends.

We LOVE this feature and I think you will too – keep in mind though that this is a public BETA, meaning there may be errors – if there are please let us know via support and we’ll continue to upgrade and improve it.

Talk To Ya Later…