What’s that smell?

Sniff Sniff – Mmmmmm…… What’s that smell? It must be coming from the Aromatherapy section of the Swag Store! Have you checked it out yet?

For as low as 3,299 Swag Bucks, you can turn your home into a comfortable, relaxing, and cozy sanctuary. With scents like Warm Cinnamon Bun, French Vanilla, and Lavender Tranquility, you’ll never want to leave your room!
For a more aesthetically pleasing option, we also have Mysteria scented globe candles available. With colors including Ivory Mysteria, Olive Mysteria, Cranberry Myseteria, and Amethyst Mysteria, set this next to your bed to drift off to sleep in ease, or send one to a friend, as it comes packaged in a satin-covered gift box.
Send yourself off to a state of tranquility with the Aromatherapy section of the Swag Store!