Beware of the Giant

Wanna know what I love about indie rock….

… it’s reliable to be carefree, creative, a little retro, a little dorky but passionate enough to catch you when you are least expecting it. Aptly titled kids, Young and the Giant, have been garnering some well-earned chatter lately. This quintet originally formed as “The Jakes,” in 2004 but shortly after signing to Roadrunner Records in August of 2009 they changed their name to, “Young the Giant,” and finally on October 25, 2010 they released their first EVER album. “My Body” is definitely the most upbeat tune from their self-titled album but every song is uplifting. You can listen to the album in it’s entirety, here.

The lyrics to, “My Body,” are very catchy and Sameer Gadhia’s vocals ooze passion as the drums calmly hold the song together — starting the song off heavy, building you up to the excitement and then keeping you awake and attentive for the rest of the tune. Also, anybody else admiring the skills of the guitarist in this tune?

Don’t forget to download “My Body,” from the Swag Store for 199 SB and if you decide to purchase the entire album, do it using the Shop & Earn wall here so you get 2 SB for every $1 spent.