Dont Talk To Me

Hey there –

I trust that many of you are enjoying and making use of our new chat bar feature on Swagbucks.  This is a great way to converse with your Swag Friends, and it has nice and easy one-click connections to our Twitter feed, our Facebook page, our blog, our photo feed, etc.

We have been receiving requests to have the ability to disable the chat bar.  I understand some of you don’t use it, and have been reporting that it is slowing down your computer.  Well, we’ve listened to your comments and are now addressing them.  You now have the option to disable the chat bar!

To disable the chat bar feature, simply click the “X” on the right side of the chat bar:

If you would ever like to get the chat bar back, refresh the Swagbucks homepage.  You should see a pop-up on the bottom, where the chat bar would be located, asking you if you would like to “install chat bar.”  Click that button, and voila!

I hope the chat bar now lives fully up to your expectations!