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As I’m sure most of you know we have a great trade-in program where you can recycle your old cell phones, video games, and books, and get Swag Bucks in return.  But what if you have other items that you want to get rid of, and would rather see them recycled than thrown away?  Although not associated with Swagbucks, I found this amazing website called where members can list items they no longer need and wait for a fellow member to bring the item to a new home.

What’s cool about this site, besides the fact that it actively promotes recycling, is that it is tailored geographically.  Meaning you can log in and check what newest “offers” have been posted in your area.  Just because you don’t need something anymore, doesn’t mean that nobody can make use of it.  Maybe your baby grew out of his crib or maybe you’re redecorating and have some furniture to get rid of.  As puts it, “one person’s trash can truly be another’s treasure!”

I encourage you to go check it out and start free-cycling!