Froobi Daily Deals: Handy Caddy Kitchen Counter

Counter space is hot property. Every extra inch is valuable real estate, and to save space, appliances often have to be stored out of reach.  With the Handy Caddy, it’s easy to slide kitchen appliances back into action! This ultra-convenient easy to use Handy Caddy fits on nearly any counter top. The smooth sliding action makes it easy to move appliances back and forth. The Caddy consists of a sturdy base with a rolling platform on top.

Simply place the Handy Caddy at the rear of the counter, set an appliance on the platform, then pull the platform forward to slide the appliance to a more accessible position. The Handy Caddy works perfect for sliding coffee pots, blenders, toasters, and other kitchen appliances, without having to reorganize the counter top. Plus, the durable components are built to last.  Get this handy addition to your kitchen for only $6.99 today at and you’ll also get a Rebate back of up to 104 Swag Bucks.  Add a little convenience to your kitchen, and start your day off on a roll!

Make a statement wherever you go with this Replay Men’s Torpedo Watch.  An oversized and asymmetrical bezel is the first thing to catch your eye. Your attention then focused on the deep blue dial that features silver tone and white markers. A stainless steel bracelet and brushed stainless steel case complete the modern design that will always make a scene where ever you go. Available today only at for the exclusively low price of $29.99, you’ll get a 379 Swag Bucks Rebate for each watch you purchase.