Get your SwagGEAR on

Have you checked out the Apparel and Accessories section of the Swag Store recently?  We’ve definitely got some pretty rad prizes in there right now.  I thought I’d highlight my favorite items of this section for you.

Being the huge American Idol fan that I am, I love the American Idol T-Shirt.  For only 999 Swag Bucks I can show the world how much I love AI!  Now all I need is a sign that says “Go Lauren” and I’m all set!

For pretty obvious reasons I also love the Swagbucks Hat and Keychain combo.  For only 990 Swag Bucks you can represent the coolest website there is!  Being how I love the guitar and have recently picked up playing, the guitar keychain was the perfect addition to my key ring.

Lastly, I love the Zavella Women’s Organic Cotton Lion T-Shirt.  It is super comfy and is printed on 100% organic cotton with water-based ink.  Pick one up for 1,599 Swag Bucks!

Be sure to check out all of the items available in the Apparel and Accessories section of the Swag Store!