May The Force Be With You

It’s be pretty cool to be Jedi, wouldn’t it? Admit it: There are times when you’re standing in front of an opening elevator door or the doors at the supermarket where you pretend you’re using the Force to make them open. There’s no reason to be ashamed of it. In fact, you can embrace your inner Jedi by entering to win The Force Unleahsed II Limited Time Swagstakes for the system of your choice. You can enter for as little as 8 Swag Bucks, and if the Force is strong with you, you could take it home and experience some awesome gameplay, original film music and sound effects, and square off against some familiar faces from the Star Wars saga.

If you played the first one, you’ll love the second one – they’ve found a way to make the game bigger, badder and loaded with more features than you can shake a lightsaber at!

You will enter now… (waves hand)