Mobile verification, why?

Today we are going to touch a little bit on Mobile Verification. This method is used to verify member accounts before a prize may be redeemed. This additional security measure is used to protect the Swag Bucks community from cheaters and potential hackers.

If you are required to complete mobile verification and you do have a cell phone, you will be prompted to enter your cellphone to complete either Mobile or Voice mail Verification. (Please keep in mind that your cell phone will only be used for this purpose and will not be distributed to any 3rd party.) Upon submitting your cell phone number, select Mobile or Voice Mail Verification.

If you selected Mobile Verification, you will receive a text with the verification pin. If you selected Voice-mail Verification, you will receive an automated phone call providing the verification pin code. Please then enter the Verification pin in the required field and your Verification will be completed. As long as all the required information is provided, you will no longer encounter this issue in the future.

If you are required to complete Mobile Verification and you DO NOT have a cell phone or our system is stating that your cell phone is not valid, you will then be directed to our “Contact Us” section on our site. Please select Mobile Verification when responding with a brief description of your verification issue.

Lastly, if you notice that any of your prizes have been refunded, our Compliance Department at that time has requested additional verification. Please follow the steps above to complete this process otherwise your account will remain frozen from redeeming anymore prizes until verification is completed.

If you have any complications during this process, please write in and let us know.


Team Swag Bucks