Play Ball

Who’s excited for Opening Day? TSG is, that’s for sure. I’ll bet there are plenty of Swaggernauts out there who are also excited to see the boys of Summer back to work. While there are definitely clear cut favorites to win the World Series this year, it’s Opening Day – ANYONE can win. To test that theory, TSG’s giving you a test of your prognostication skills. I’ve included polls below for each of the 6 games being played today. By some odd coincidence, we’re releasing a 4 Swag Buck Swag Code on Saturday. For each match-up the Swag Nation collectively gets right, we’re going to increase the value of that code by 2 Swag Bucks. So, for example, if the poll results correctly predicted 3 of those matchups, we would add 6 Swag Bucks to the Saturday code, making it worth 10. How much we add depends on how collectively savvy you Swaggernauts are. Each poll will close when its respective game starts, so consult this schedule and get your votes in early! Let the predictions BEGIN!