Poll Round-Up Week of 2/21

So we were a bit wrapped up in our birthday celebration yesterday and weren’t able to review the polls from last week.  But now seems like a perfect time to do so!

Apparently you guys like the thrill of the violence in hockey games, because 35% of you said they should continue to allow fighting in the NHL.  I voted “no” on this one, because although it has an entertainment factor, I can’t bear to watch the bad sportsmanship on the ice.

I am so happy to see that we have a lot of new Swaggernauts!  A whopping 80% of you said that yesterday was the first Swagbucks birthday party they were attending.  Welcome all new members!

I was very pleased at the amount of chivalrous and forbearing users we have, as 65% of you said that if you had a handicap permit for a member of your family you would not use it without them, and you’d leave the open spots for the handicapped.  Glad to see most of you are adamant about doing the right thing.

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