Redemption Island Russell’s Redemption

Hey Swag Nation – this is Hal from Team Swagbucks and much like TSG I’m a HUGE Survivor fan. This season is only three weeks old and already it’s becoming one of my favorite seasons for three reasons:

1. The Redemption Island concept is a game changer and means that NOBODY’S plan is foolproof anymore, because the person you stab in the back can re-enter the game to haunt you.

2. Boston Rob knows how to play this game like nobody’s business, and he’s playing an even shrewder game than he did during Heroes Vs Villains. He’s successfully broken up two potentially threatening alliances, flushed out an immunity Idol and is poised to make yet another deep run.

3. Phillip, everyone’s favorite former Special Agent, has become the break out character this year, even more so than hairy man extraordinaire Ralph. Phillip is entertaining and I have a sneaking suspicion that he’ll become downright scary further down the road.

4. My favorite Survivor player off all time, the ultimate villain himself, Russell. He was voted off last night after almost pulling off another huge move. Ultimately, his tribe knew he was too big of a threat to keep out of the game. As he left, he informed his tribe members that he would be back and headed out to Redemption Island, where he will face off against Matt for the right to stay in the game.

We don’t know at this point when the sole survivor of Redemption Island will be let back into the game. Russell could have to defeat several hungry contestants to win his way back into the game, and while that may be difficult, you can never count Russell out. So who thinks he can do it? Let’s see what you think with a predictive code. You can only redeem one of the two 8 Swag Bucks codes below – one is a vote for Russell making it back into the game, and the other means you don’t think he’ll be able to last. You have until 3:15pm PST to vote.


Only time will tell who is right!