Showdown At The Swagbucks Corral

Alright, pardners. It’s time for a Showdown. Meet me at Swagbucks Games, and bring yer trigger finger, cause this week we’re offerin’ special High Stakes tournaments in twelve of our most competitive games.

15SB enters you in one of our special High Stakes tournaments for a shot at a minimum of 900SB. The more hombres and cowgirls get mixed up in this, the more Swag Bucks go on the line, and yer chances to earn heat up like a stove full of fire. Pick yer poison: Word, Puzzle or Action games. There’ll be two kinds of people in these tournaments: The Quick and the Dead. Well, not the dead. More like the people who didn’t win this time.

If you want to see just how quick on the draw you are, enter a High Stakes tournament in any one of the following: Crazy Taxi, Crusher, Drop 3, Hungry Snake, Rock’n’Ball, Snow Day, Starfish, Synonymous, Tetra-Cube, Word Chain Plus, WorDrop, Zip Zap.

Act fast – these tournaments are only available until the end of Tuesday next week.

Good luck – you’ll need it.