The Evolution of Swagbucks

Looking back on our 3rd Birthday Celebration, it’s kind of crazy to think about how much we’ve evolved since 2008 – in fact, while there are hints of that original in our current homepage, we’ve undergone several facelifts and growing spurts over the years to arrive where we are now, with so many different ways for you to earn. It’s not just the features of the site that have changed – the amount of bucks we’ve given out have changed too. Here’s the average amount earned per day each year (adjusted numbers, since the system switched over last year):

2009: 64
2010: 111
2011: 172
At this rate, who knows how much more you could be earning per day in just 12 more months?
To take a walk down memory lane, visit our Swagbucks Evolution page; for the veteran Swaggernauts it’ll be a blast from the past – for the newer members of the Swag Nation, it’s a cool little history lesson:
How long have you been Swagging?