The Name Game

When some of you logged into Swagbucks this morning you may have noticed the following window:

This is due to an upgrade to our commenting engine – if you had a space or punctuation (commas, etc) in your SwagName, you are no longer allowed to do so, which means you need to change your SwagName. This was an unexpected part of the upgrade process, but the good news is that we’ll update your referral link automatically on the Promote page – if you had spaces or punctuation previously, your referral link may not have been working properly.

When choosing a new name, it needs to be between 4-16 characters in length – if your SwagName was previously less than 4 or more than 16 you’ve been grandfathered in, and if you were experiencing problems before you should be able to log in without a problem now.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!