What’s the buzz

Feel like money? Always sunny where you are? Well, then, you better be jammin’ with Mann and his new song. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, it can’t be a bad thing to feel like you are celebrating because you are gettin’ paid! And that is exactly what this single is about — gettin’ paid and enjoyin’ your days. This club friendly song is the first single from the forthcoming album Mann’s World to be released by Def Jam. This song really does boast Mann’s ability to bind urban and pop music. If you’ve missed this radio hit, give it a listen here

Mann is ONLY 19, produced by J.R. Rotem (Fabolous, Nicki Minaj, Sean Kingston, Iyaz), and has collaborated with a fair amount of hit artists already. When he was only 17 he had a single “Ghetto Girls” with Sean Kingston, that drove my little nieces absolutely crazy, so it’s great to see this artist being progressive. If you are down with “Buzzin,” or simply looking for something to add a little energy to your favorite playlist you can now¬†download this single from the Swag Store for 199 SB.