Win A Nintendo 3DS

Is the current 3D craze a passing fad, or has technology finally allowed 3D to become a permanent option for movies, TV and games? Who knows what the answer is, but if you’re one of those Swaggernauts out there who really enjoy your 3D, we’ve got an opportunity for you to hold the power of 3D in the palm of your hand. Just enter to win out Limited Time Swagstakes for the Nintedno 3DS.

No glasses needed! The screens are specially built to show you 3D games in all their multi-dimensional glory. Also, the Nintendo 3DS can sense movement and pitch, both of which factor into gameplay. You can enter for as little as 15 Swag Bucks, which is the price of a single entry. The more entries you snag at once, the more you’ll save and the greater your chances of winning.

Thanks to for providing this awesome prize!

Good Luck, Swaggernauts!