WINNING with Swagbucks Movies

Once upon a time, long before he was WINNING all over the media, Charlie Sheen was an up and coming young actor whose career was a balance if big budget movies and smaller, more thought out fare. A lifelong baseball fanatic, I can only imagine that Sheen’s Tiger Blood veins were pumping overtime when he got the opportunity to play Oscar ‘Hap’ Felsch is John Sayles’ 1988 masterpiece Eight Men Out, a movie that chronicles the throwing of the 1919 World Series by the Chicago White Sox (referred to as The Black Sox).

With baseball season on the cusp of starting this seemed like a timely movie to add to the Swag Store. It’s a well made film that really delves into the inside story of what was the Steroid scandal of its day. The eight men who succumbed to the threats and bribes of gamblers nearly destroyed the integrity of the game altogether; even though the men were acquitted by a jury, they were banned from baseball for life by Judge Kenesaw “Mountain” Landis, effectively ruining the lives of those men, one of whom (“Shoeless” Joe Jackson) was a surefire Hall of Famer. Baseball on the other hand was able to recover nicely with the help of a burly saloon keeper’s son from Baltimore, Maryland.

John Sayle’s film is intense, riveting and features excellent costume and set design, both of which help transport you back to that time period, and the performances, writing and direction are all top notch. Snag Eight Men Out today for just 1299 Swag Bucks and you’ll be the one WINNING.