All About Amazon Gift Cards

Good day, Swaggernauts! It’s Monica back to dish out a helping of Customer Service. As I was sorting through our regular cases one particular subject stuck out like a sore thumb. Amazon gift cards! So today I am going to dig a little bit deeper into these gift cards and walk you through how they are delivered.

First let’s talk about the prize description page, We try to give you all of the standard information about the prize, along with the delivery times on this page.

In the case of the Amazon gift card, the code is delivered to your account under the “My Gift Cards” section. It does take 10-14 business days from the time you verify to appear in this section. You will receive an email when the gift card code is put into your account.

Many users write in asking why this process takes so long, after all it is an electronic gift card. One of the reasons why the process takes so long is that we review every user account before a prize is delivered. This does take some time, but we want our users to feel safe in knowing that we are constantly watching out for the well being of the community. This process allows us to catch cheaters before they are able to benefit from their actions.

Once the gift card is delivered to your account you will have the code to use on Amazon. Simply go to the site and log into your existing Amazon account and input the code or use it right away on your order. They do allow more than one code to be used on a single purchase and the codes currently do not expire.

If for some reason your Amazon gift code does not work, be sure to reach out to Amazon for help first. These codes are given to us directly from them and we do not see them before you do. You are the first to see and use these codes when they are delivered to your account. If for some reason Amazon is not able to help resolve your issue with the code, feel free to reach out to our customer service. We will do our best to help resolve your inquiry in a timely manner.

I do hope this helps shed some light on the process for these gift cards. If you do have any further questions regarding this post them in the comments below. I will be monitoring the comments throughout the day and will try to answer them as they come in.