Ask The Swag Gal – April 20, 2011

This week’s Ask The Swag Gal comes from a student looking for a way to increase her motivation:

I am a college student and I always find that around this time of the year I start to lose focus on my school work. I look outside and see the wonderful weather and all the sunshine and instantly want to go out and play instead of doing my homework or studying. What are some ways to help me stay motivated and de-stress my life?

Well, I would love to say you can just go outside and write out your math problems with sidewalk chalk, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  However, there are a few things you can do to help create a nice balance between work and play as the warm weather rolls in.

In order to allow for more time in the day for outdoor breaks, try making it a point to get to bed earlier.  That way, you can wake up earlier, which would allow for more daytime hours to get work done.  You’ll be more productive during the daylight hours, so you will feel less stressed when you take time out for breaks.

Something else to keep in mind is that it can be just as important to schedule in moments throughout the day to de-stress as it is to make time to be productive.  Striking that balance is often the key to health, happiness, and success!  With that said, if you find it difficult to find those revitalizing moments naturally, you may want to schedule them in.  Make yourself a schedule for the week; decide which hours will be devoted to studying and which will be dedicated solely to enjoying the weather or taking some time for yourself.  If you know that there is a finite amount of time allotted to work, then you can more easily see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Your ‘play time’ then becomes a reward that you can work towards, instead of something that distracts you from your responsibilities.  Knowing that you have scheduled time in your day for some guilt-free fun may help to motivate you as you work!

I hope these suggestions help you navigate your way through the end of the semester.  Good luck!


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