Get Networked

One of the great things about owning a Playstation 3 is all of the content you can get from taking it online. You get games, movies or add-ons for the disc-based games you already own. Whether you’re regularly buying things from the the PSN Store or have yet to dip your toe into those waters, you should enter our Limited Entry Swagstakes for a $20 PlayStation Network Card.

Since this is a Limited Entry Swagstakes, there’s no discount for snagging entries in bulk; however, an entry only costs 9 Swag Bucks, and with only 750 total entries available (of which 661 remain as of this post) you’re seriously increasing your chances of winning with each extra entry you snag.

For those Swaggernauts out there who use PlayStation’s online store, what kind of stuff do you buy?