Play Ball Badges

I am here to announce my captain status of the one, the only…TEAM SWAG!

I’m excited for us to come out on top in the “Play Ball” Challenge, and I know we can do it!  Let’s start building up those points, team, using Special Offers, Trusted Surveys, Tasks, and Daily Deals.

Now,  regardless of whether you are on Team Swag or Team Bucks, if you want to flaunt your team,as I encourage you to do, get yourself a badge for Facebook or Twitter.  A badge is a little icon that appears in the bottom corner of your Facebook or Twitter profile picture so that you can proudly display your team spirit.

To get your badge, follow the link for your corresponding team:

Team Swag

Team Bucks

Once you arrive at the PicBadges site, click on “Log into Facebook/Twitter.”  From here, customize your picture and then select “Publish to Facebook/Twitter.”  If you are adding this to your Facebook profile picture, once you select “publish” a screen will pop up advising you that you need to select this new picture as your profile picture.

To do so, click “continue to Facebook,” and your new picture should show up instantly on your wall.

From here, click on the picture on your wall and then select “Make Profile Picture.”  For Twitter, once you hit “Publish to Twitter,” it will automatically become your new Twitter picture.

Now that we’ve gotten all of the politics out of the way – let’s play ball!!

Go Team Swag!