Poll Round Up Week of March 28

Happy Monday, folks!

I hope you all enjoyed the first weekend in April!!

While reviewing this past week’s Daily Polls, I noticed that 78% of you agreed with me that you’d rather have 8 hours of sleep every night but never dream than 3 hours but always dream.  I need my sleep!

While 32% of you said you’d like to see some comedy clips added to SBTV, 15% of you selected “other.”  Those who voted “other,” what would you like to see added to SBTV?

26% of you said that your college years were the best years of your life.  I definitely have to agree with you there – my college years were certainly the best years of my life…so far!

I was pleased to see that 37% of you said you would rather/own a Wii.  I have the Wii and I play it all the time!  Wii Sports, Wii Play, Mario Kart – you just cant beat them!

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