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Hey there!

I’m sure most of you know by now that in addition to our daily hashtag hookups, I’ve been hooking users up with 100SB for their insightful comments in the blog, in the Swag Store, and onĀ SBTV videos. As we continue to implement this, we are going to increase the daily number of winners for SBTV video comments. I’ll be on the lookout for meaningful, observant, and astute comments. This means that people who comment on every video with “cool” will not be the ones getting hooked up. I want to hear your thoughts, your opinions, and your feelings. Let us know what you got out of each of the videos, and you could be one of the lucky Swaggernauts to get 100SB for your feedback!

Today’s video comment winners were:

wow! So creative and inspiring. Spring is here and I love seeing clips like this to get quick little ideas for what to do!! -knitalot

A great collection of looks. I love the menswear inspired pieces in my own wardrobe. A tuxedo style coat and slim tailored pants look great with a ruffled blouse underneath! -seasaltcaramel

There are a lot of new wound care products that make use of honey so using sugar makes just as much sense. -freak369

I love Swiss Colony. Everyone recognizes the Yule Log. So glad that Swagbucks TV has this video to show how it is made. Nice to know that all of the Yule Log is edible including the little critters made of chocolate. -moontan

My dog often has to wear these b/c if a medical condition. This is a good resource for pet owners who have a pet that also needs an e-collar. -AKalb

Happy Commenting!