That’s who that was?

I know from one of our past Daily Polls that a lot of us watch cartoons – I say “us” because I am included.  But when you’re watching these cartoons, are you thinking about who is the true voice behind that character?  I found this website that listed 25 cartoons you never knew were voiced by celebrities.  Some of these may surprise you as much as they surprised me!
Carlos Alazraqui As Rocko

Jessica Walter As Fran The Dinosaur

George Clooney As The Doctor From South Park

Dustin Hoffman As Benedict Arnold

Bruce Willis As Spike

Michael Cera As Brother Bear

Stephen Colbert And Steve Carell As The Ambiguously Gay Duo

Michael J Fox As Stuart Little

Kelsey Grammer As Sideshow Bob

Pretty neat, huh?

To see them all click here.