The MacBook Pro Is Here

The NEW 13″ MacBook Pro is now available through a limited entry Swagstakes, and I (Hal) am writing this one because I happen to have a current MacBook Pro myself. I’m actually writing this post on it right now. Having previously owned a white MacBook, I can tell you that this one is faster, sturdier and has a LOT of storage space (320 GB worth, to be exact; I have a fairly large music library, lots of pictures, even some full length movies on my Mac and I’m not even filling my own 250GB hard drive). The graphics are smooth, you can watch HD Video, and you can video chat with friends using the built in iSight camera and Microphone.

This is a great computer that will last you a VERY long time. You can enter to win the 13″ MacBook Pro for as just 30 Swag Bucks per entry, and since this is limited entry you can SERIOUSLY increase your chances of winning by snagging multiple entries.

Good Luck!