The Swag Store is Eco-Friendly

Every April 22nd, we band together for Earth Day and try a little harder to remember to recycle that bottle, turn off the lights (or at least turn them down low after locking them doors) and take the stairs; after all, we only have one planet. Everyone here at Swag Central is Eco-conscious too. That’s why we’re giving you extra incentive to be kind to the planet by making some of our Eco-friendly products Swago eligible. There are currently 37 different products in the Swag Store that are friendly to the earth and give you the chance to win 1000 Swag Bucks by putting pieces on your Swago Board.

You can snag stainless steel water bottles, clothing and calendars made from recycled materials, and even eBooks for your Kindle which cut down on the need for paper. When you redeem your Swag Bucks for any of these prizes, you’ll get a piece for your Swago Board.