Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – April 13

This week’s TTPTP asked you for the ingredients in your Swagbucks Sundae.  Not only did reading your responses make my mouth water, I actually had to go out and by myself ice cream last night!

The three runner ups, who will each be getting 50 SB are:

#TTPTP @SwagBucks An ebook sundae topped w/ crnchy target giftcds, a sticky gooey survey for 50 $Bs drizzled w/ sweet music from itunes YUM” – mama2roo of Indiana

#TTPTP I’ll buy caramel from the swagstore, win Oreos from a swagstake, and earn one cherry from daily polls to top off my SB sundae!” – number10trigger of Plymouth, IN

“@SwagBucks #TTPTP In my Sundae, I want a HUGE pile of special offers that actually work 😛 with chocolate sauce…” – MatzWhat of Bagshot, UK

And the winner of this week’s TTPTP, and that fresh 500 Swag Bucks…

drum roll please…

“My Swag Sundae would have a juicy blog,yummy codes,dipped polls, mounds of games & TV,Twitter & FB all mixed in a #TTPTP topped w/ a cherry!”

Congratulations, yumyumfilms of Visalia, CA!

Great job everyone!

Until next time,