Week in review April 2, 2011

I hope you guys enjoyed April Fool’s Day yesterday.  Were you able to trick any of your friends or family with the new Spoof?

This past Monday, we announce the next few upcoming dates for the Yanni tour.  If you haven’t entered yet, click here to find the city closest to you to try your chance and snagging two tickets to see this musical legend live.  The next city is New York, New York on April 9.  Enter to win your tickets for as little as 2 Swag Bucks!  Good luck!

On Tuesday, Adrian from Customer Support wrote a post all about mobile verification.  Mobile verification is the additional security measure used to protect the Swagbucks community from cheaters and potential hackers.  If you are required to complete a mobile verification and have any questions regarding the process, check out this blog post.  All of your answers should be found there.

On Wednesday we announced this week’s TTPTP winners.  The TTPTP this week was to come up with your best knock knock joke.  I got quite a few giggles out of a lot of your submissions.  The winning knock knock joke was: Knock knock. Who’s there? Europe. Europe who? No, you’re a poo! -submitted by evelinacy.

On Thursday we created a set of predictive polls to give you Swaggernauts a chance at 16 Swag Bucks.  It was up to you guys, collectively, to vote on who would win each of the six games on MLB opening day.  You correctly predicted four out of the six games and have earned a 12 Swag Buck code, so here it is:

On Thursday we also announced Swagbucks’ “Play Ball” Challenge, where you join Team Swag or Team Bucks with the chance to earn a 20 Swag Buck bonus.  The team that earns the most Swag Bucks from qualifying actions between April 4th and April 8th will earn a 20 Swag Buck bonus for each member on the team who participated.  Qualifying actions include Trusted Surveys, Special Offers, Tasks, and Daily Deals.  What team are you on?

Yesterday, April Fool’s Day, we had an exciting day.  We released our brand new, user selected April Fool’s Spoof.  Who did you Spoof?  We also announced Swagbucks Labor – where you can earn big time bucks for doing odd jobs like landscaping and dog walking.  Okay, so maybe it was just a joke, but it did lead to a nice April Fool’s Day code!  We hope you enjoyed our festive day.

And on that note, I hope that you are all enjoying your Saturday and will continue to have a great weekend!