Who Is Jacqueline Schwab?

When it comes to Mondays at Swagbucks, you know that TSG always tries to keep it musical. The question above is a good one: who is Jacqueline Schwab, and what does she have to do with Music Mondays or Swagbucks? The answer lies in our Movie and TV Downloads section. Those of you who read our blog regularly know that I (Hal) have been adding baseball-themed films to the Swag Store to celebrate the start of the 2011 season. In my humble opinion, the greatest film ever made about or around our National Pastime is Ken Burns’ 11-part documentary Baseball. Originally aired in 1994, it chronicles the rise of baseball and its place in the history of our country – how it affected all of us and we affected it.

Whether you’re a lifelong baseball fan or not, this series will suck you in and give you an idea of just how epic the game of baseball is, and just how important a part of our lives it has become. The Tenth Inning was release this past fall, and is a great epilogue to the stories told in the original 9 episodes.

I know. I still haven’t told you who Jacqueline Schwab is. She’s the musician responsible for the haunting, uplifting and emotional piano playing heard throughout the documentary. Here’s a little sample of her work:

The Minstrel Boy by Jacqueline Schwab

You can download any individual episode of Ken Burns’ Baseball from the Swag Store for just 899 Swag Bucks, or grab the entire film for 7,299 Swag Bucks (well worth it). Has anyone out there in the Swag Nation seen Ken Burns’ Baseball? Back me up (or tell me I’m wrong) in the comments.