Whos On First?

Hey my team-spirited Swaggernauts!

As you probably know, for the last week Team Swag and Team Bucks have been going head to head racking up points for the Play Ball Challenge.  Although I am still proud of my team, Team Swag, Team Bucks started out ahead and continued to skyrocket, maintaining the lead.  But Team Swag – it’s not too late!

You have until TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT PDT to earn those points before the challenge comes to a close.  Although we are far behind, I am still confident in Team Swag, and trust that they will do their best to turn these numbers around.

If you were waiting for the perfect time to punch out some Trusted Surveys, Daily Deals, Tasks, and/or Special Offers – it is right now!  There is no “I” in team, so everyone must do their part to contribute and keep those numbers rolling.

We will announce the final numbers on Monday.

Good luck teams!

~TSGal (Team Swag Captain)