A Special Thank You

TSG and TSGal are always grateful for all of the helpful Swaggernauts out there who do their very best to make new members feel welcome and help them learn the ropes. One Swaggernaut in particular has been helping others on Facebook for as long as TSG can remember, and does it with grace, patience and her own unique brand of humor. Susie Bear, I just wanted to take a moment to say that we appreciate all that you do, and if you’re on our Facebook wall and you haven’t talked with Susie yet, you will eventually. She’s even gone so far as to create a site that acts as a resource to help new Swaggernauts understand the lingo and the way things work at Swagbucks.

Before Mother’s Day is over, TSG thought it would be nice to heap some praise on the photoshopping, bear-loving,video-making den motherĀ  for all new Swaggernauts. If you’d like to add the the lovefest, please do so in the comments!