Clip, Save, Earn

Before I go grocery shopping I like to check out Swagbucks Coupons to see if I could save on my purchase.  Typical over-the-counter medicines can be so expensive, I’m so thankful that we have coupons available that make them a bit more affordable.

I was able to save $1 on Bayer Extra Strength Aspirin:

Just in time for allergy season, I got $4 off Non-Drowsy Claritin:

I clipped the $1 off coupon to get Dr. Scholl’s padding for my uncomfortable shoes:

I gotta stay healthy with some daily vitamins, so I picked up a bottle of Ester-C thanks to the $1 off coupon:

What Swagbucks Coupons have you clipped?  Well, I’ll tell you what – for today’s Hashtag Hookups, I will hookup 3 users with 100SB who send a tweet on Twitter using #SBCoupons.  Your tweet should follow this format:

“I saved $X on ____ using #SBCoupons.”

Feel free to include your referral link for a better chance of getting hooked up!