Eye Popping 3D Pics

3D is taking over, people. Let’s face it. Every big movie is now released in 3D. 3D TV sets are still selling and being pushed as the next frontier in home entertainment. You can even take 3D pictures with a 3D camera and put them on your 3D wall (yes, I know that all physical walls are 3D – just bear with me on this one). What if you DON’T have a 3D camera though?

Easy – just enter the Limited Time Swagstakes to win an Ardent Blazon 3D Digital Picture Frame. You don’t need a 3D camera because the frame has built-in software that’ll convert 2D pics for you, and you don’t need clunky 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D experience. It’s pretty darned good for a regular old digital frame, too – you can upload pics via PC (sorry Apple folk) or via memory card – it’ll even display video!

A single entry costs just 12 Swag Bucks, and as always you can increase your chances of winning while lowering overall cost by snagging your entries in bulk.

I had the privilege of playing around with one of these 3D frames, and let me just say, it is awesome!  It comes with the software that can be downloaded to your computer in just seconds.  The software lets you customize your 2D pictures to your liking, creating different depth effects for every single pixel in the picture.  With one simple click of a button, your picture is converted into 3D – it’s amazing!  It loads right onto the 3D frame in no time through the provided USB cord.  This is definitely a cool prize, and would make a terrific gift.  At the very least, it’s a great conversational piece for the coffee table!

Good luck!